Our new Partner

Crown Trade and it's Partners.

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JB Lighting Germany, our new Partner.

A coinsidence brought Crown Trade and JB Lighting-Germany together. A simple order. Fast we discovered that we came along together very well. Their previous engagements in Egypt and our knowledge about the needs of European partners is the basis of our cooperation. We believe to be able to position JB Lighting at no.2 in 2 years and no.1 in 4 years in Egypt.
Now we are able to service our customer with Lighting in Egypt.

Laseronics Design Interstellar

Laseronics Design Interstellar-Egypt Branch. A cooperation between LDI-USA and Crown Trade Egypt.
Now and within 2 years, Laseronics Egypt has become the no.1 Lasershow Company in Egypt and probably the no.1 in terms of shownumbers in the entire Middle East. We have performed for a million audience at the 50th revolution day. A Laser spectacular over the City and the Nile. For more information visit Laseronics Egypt Homepage at the Link Page.